Belly Dancer

On weekends, Zodiac Hookah Lounge offers the best of belly dancing entertainment in Carrollton Texas.  They offer mesmerizing performances by the best belly dancers in Texas. Sit back, relax, and revel in the beautiful dancing as you and your friends select the perfect hookah and tobacco match to jump start a wonderful weekend.

Belly dancing is an ancient form of dance, dating back some 6,000 years, that encompasses the beauty of artistic expression through movement.  Also known as an Arabic dance and originating in Egypt and Turkey, belly dancing has entertained and mesmerized people throughout history. The core movements involving the stomach and hip area, hence the name, seems effortless from the outside looking in but involves technique and coordination developed and choreographed over years of training and practice.  The beauty of this Middle Eastern dance has bloomed in popularity in the United States since the late 19th Century. It is not only known as a form of entertainment but is also showcased at weddings and social gatherings, as well as being integrated into a form of exercise for health and fitness.

What better way to sit back and relax while savoring our exquisite shisha choices than to gaze upon such an elegant form of amusement? The Zodiac Hookah Lounge is excited to bring this beautiful form of entertainment to Carrollton, Texas. As you enjoy our premium shisha tobacco and hookah, as well as the authentic Mediterranean foods available from our café, be sure to experience our professional belly dancer performances every weekend.

Come join us for an astrological experience and find your Elemental center at the Zodiac Hookah Lounge in Carrollton.

The best place for Belly Dancers in Texas.