Smoke Tobacco

Come to the Zodiac Hookah lounge to enjoy our astrological Hookah Shisha flavors to match your own personal sign with high quality ingredients.  Zodiac in Carrollton is just the right remedy when you are in the mood to relax and lounge. For many centuries, across the Middle Eastern regions, people have been smoking Hookah in their homes and in Hookah Lounges. The tradition of smoking Hookah has been used for social gatherings, such as for celebrations and large gathering for centuries.  Enjoy Hookah with friends for a night out on the town in Carrollton, Texas. Not only do we provide the best Hookah, we also have a delicious menu to choose from full of authentic Mediterranean foods along with coffees, teas, and desserts.

For maintaining a peaceful and enjoying vibe we recommend everyone compromise with the following on Hookah etiquette:

  • Promote good hygiene; always use a mouth tip.
  • Do not blow smoke in another person’s face, unless you have an invitation to do so.
  • Do not move the Hookah, if you need it moved, call a server.
  • Do not touch the coals, call a server.
  • When you are passing, pass the hose with the mouthpiece away from the person being passed to.
  • When finished smoking, wrap the hose around your Hookah, signaling that you are done.

At the Zodiac Hookah lounge, you will no doubt adore the leisurely environment and delectable tobacco that we provide. By following proper etiquette, you ensure that you and your peers, as well as all other customers, can have an amazing time relaxing and relishing in our amenities. Come align your stars and chill with friends at the best hookah tobacco in Texas.

Come join us for an astrological experience and find your Elemental center at the Zodiac Hookah Lounge in Carrollton.

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